Unlocking Secrets and Achievements in Genshin Impact: Children of God Shall Dance

  • Ava Thompson
  • 17 Jul 2023

The immersive universe of Genshin Impact expands with every update, each time revealing new hidden objectives and rewards for diligent explorers to find. One such addition to the 2.4 version release is a covert achievement titled "The Children of God Shall Dance." Through the Enkanomiya region's Evernight Temple, players can discover new lore and characters and earn Primogems. This article provides a comprehensive guide to revealing these enigmatic Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and collecting your well-earned prizes.

Preparation is Key: The Phaetons' Syrtos World Quest

Children of God Shall Dance

Before hunting down this elusive achievement, players must first complete "The Phaetons' Syrtos” world quest. Only upon finishing this prerequisite can the journey begin to earn the "Children of God Shall Dance" achievement. This hidden treat involves locating and speaking with seven specific NPCs scattered across Enkanomiya's Evernight Temple. Note that these characters only manifest Evernight, so adjust your game's internal clock to reflect the same. Successful interaction with all these spectral figures rewards players with 5 Primogems and rich information about the game's expansive lore.

Finding the Hidden Ghosts: Ion & Orupeusu

Begin your quest by searching for the first ghostly NPC, Ion, at the southernmost teleport location of the Evernight Temple. Wandering westward, players will eventually spot a high plateau with remnants of a temple wall at its base. An examination of these ruins should uncover two small tables, one adorned with a lantern. Although Ion may not be visible from afar, a closer approach brings him into view. Upon conversing with Ion, Orupeusu, the second hidden character, is easily located just to the left of the earlier meeting spot, nestled against some shrubbery and a broken railing.

The Middle Path: Encounter with Piramumon & Rikoru

Encounter with Piramumon & Rikoru

The next spectral child, Piramumon, requires some climbing. Upon locating a ledge festooned with tangled tree roots while standing next to Orupeusu, ascend the wall and follow the stair-like land projections leading to Piramumon. The fourth entity, Rikoru, is visible from Piramumon's location if players have their draw distance set wide enough. Look in the direction Piramumon is, and a gold-etched broken wall with a hanging lantern should come into view. A faint outline of Rikoru should identify the target, glide over and engage in a conversation to proceed.

Final Confluences: Isumenasu, Surepio, & Risutaiosu

The fifth ghostly figure, Isumenasu, can be tricky to interact with despite being easy to find. Players must clear a barrier that blocks communication. After identifying Isumenasu in a room just north of Rikoru, locate a Whitenight essence at the edge of the platform path beyond the blockaded area. This essence unlocks the puzzle necessary to converse with Isumenasu. Grab hold of this essence, switch to Whitenight, charge back to Isumenasu's room, and strike the triangular mechanism once. Once the day-night mechanism is returned to Evernight, engage with Isumenasu for the fifth cryptic dialogue.

Isumenasu, Surepio, & Risutaiosu

To find the last two ghosts, teleport back to the southernmost point of the Evernight Temple. Navigate north from the teleportation spot and descend a decayed bridge-like structure to find Surepio waiting at the entrance of a destroyed temple. Last but not least, Risutaiosu is situated slightly awkwardly at a spot down and to the left of Surepio's location. Look out for a tree branch with green leaves extending from a wall and glide towards it. Climb up the wall to find a concealed area where Risutaiosu patiently waits for an encounter. This may be challenging, so refer to the map for a clearer understanding of the location.

Gathering these fleeting interactions forms a beautiful tapestry of lore and intrigue, highlighting the intricate game design and expansive universe of Genshin Impact. Enjoy the thrill of the chase, engage in enigmatic dialogues with the ghostly figures, and collect your rewarding Primogems. This layered quest exemplifies the game's commitment to providing a deeply immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

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