Visit Awesome Places with New Snapchat for iOS Feature

  • Ethan Smith
  • 30 Jul 2021

The Snap Map feature in the Snapchat app is a handy way to share your location and see where your friends are right now. This interactive map is so popular that the developers decided to expand its capabilities. The Snap Map itself has acquired a separate tab within the application, inside which a section “My Places” has appeared. Read more about what it is and why you should try it below.

The new feature works in a similar way to many travel apps. Its essence lies in the fact that you can mark places you like, find new ones thanks to the information from other users, and send recommendations to your friends. However, unlike services such as Google Maps, you can find out which places your friends like the most or where exactly they hung out yesterday. This option is available now, so update your app to the latest version.

There are three main tabs in “My Places.” “Visited” accumulates those locations that you have visited and marked in the application. You can save the places that interest you the most in “Favorites.” The “Popular” tab is best suited for traveling to new countries and cities. Snapchat uses an algorithm to generate the content of this section that analyzes your activity and, based on it, makes recommendations to you. It takes into account your current location, the stuff you tagged previously, saved places in the “Favorites” tab, and the businesses your friends have visited.

Even though Snapchat is not a brand new app, it is still popular. It has been estimated that about 250 million people actively use the Snap Map feature. So there will definitely be no shortage of fascinating places to visit. By the way, the developers reported that most of all users are interested in food in restaurants, shopping in-person, movies and plays, and other events.

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