What’s TikTok Shopping? Detailed Review

  • Ava Thompson
  • 25 Aug 2021

TikTok revealed its new option allowing you to order products. It collaborates with Shopify to start the Shopping tab. The owners of businesses can add this tab to the profiles on TikTok. Once you decide to buy the product, you can tap the link to the online store and pay to complete the purchase.

The New Way to Buy on TikTok

TikTok, together with Shopify, announced the news on August 24. To sell your product, you have to be the merchant on Shopify and own the TikTok For Business account. Once you enter your account, you can sync the catalog of your products and create a small storefront. The products that will be revealed there have links to your online store. Basically, users are not able to buy products from TikTok, however, now TikTok can send them to an online store directly. For now, Shopping is available as a beta version. This formula looks similar to Instagram. Yet, Instagram users can communicate directly to the shop owners and order products they need.

The Working Process of TikTok Shopping

Since the feature is still in its beta, it is hard to say something with 100 percent clarity. Yet, we already have the first example of its use. Kylie Cosmetics, owned by famous celebrity Kylie Jenner, uses TikTok Shopping in its business. You can go to the company’s TikTok page and see the shopping tab available. In this particular case, the Shopping tab is situated between the likes count and the video feed. Check the products, tap them, and you will be sent to the store.

Like Shopify, TikTok provides links on products for merchants from their Shopify stores. Merchants, in their turn, can tag their products in posts. TikTok users will later choose whether they want to buy products from the store or do it in the storefront in TikTok. The feature will be available by September. Its beta version is already available for the UK and US merchants.

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