WhatsApp Will Now Allow Businesses to Create Orders Right in Chats

  • Ava Thompson
  • 18 Apr 2022

It seems that WhatsApp wants to bring more businesses to use the application. The company is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow different business teams to add their products for customers to view right in the chat. This change will make it much easier for businesses to bring more customers and make them aware of the items that they sell.

At the moment, the feature is tested without the help of beta testers, but there have already been some references to it in the beta version for Android. According to WABetaInfor, a famous WhatsApp tracker, the developers have been working on this feature for a while. Users can see the business-focused reference in the Android beta. It seems that it will be possible to access this feature by clicking on the ‘Order’ shortcut that has become available in the previous beta version.

By tapping on ‘Order,’ users will be able to add products that they have been discussing with clients right into the chat. Business owners will be able to add such items with the help of the ‘Catalogue’ feature that first appeared in 2019. It is possible to choose the number of products for each order while the app will immediately calculate the total cost for the customer. According to the reports, when you finish adding items to the order, it will be automatically sent to the customer in the chat.

We still have to wait for the official information from WhatsApp on when this feature will become available. Judging by the previous introductions of features, it may take months before users will get access to the ‘Order’ shortcut. It definitely seems that it will be one of the most useful features for business owners who use the app.

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