Will Zelda Get Its Own Movie? Fans Scream for It

  • Ava Thompson
  • 16 Oct 2022

While movies based on games are all the rage now, Nintendo is surprisingly late, being behind literally anyone, from Sega to Microsoft. Though the Japanese company is entering the industry with its another animated take on Super Mario Bros., fans want more. Fans want a Legend of Zelda-based movie and if it’s successful, even a franchise.

The Legend of Zelda, a series of high fantasy games, has a long story of success, starting in 1986. Not only does it have a deep and diverse lore: it has protagonists that often change personalities, which allows for flexible approach to making movies or TV shows. More than that: as The Legend of Zelda has no literary or cinematic canon, the creators are free to choose literally any installment as the base to start from.

So why hasn’t it appeared yet? The soil is ready for that seed, given how Rings of Power or House of the Dragon are perceived: fantasy seems to never get out of fashion. The answer may be the disappointment of the first Super Mario Bros. movie (1993): its failure had so strong an impact that it takes Nintendo 30 years to try again.

Well, though no official announcement or even a comment is here yet, fans are already discussing the potential result. Some of them say it should take at least four Mario installments before the first Zelda (and 120 years, a joke may go). Others hope Nintendo may think of it if the animated Super Mario Bros. is a success. As for us, we think that the franchise can be both animated or live action, but, given the scale of it, it requires a long TV show or a series of movies, connected loosely, just like the games.

What do you think of the potential Zelda movie or series? If you are a game franchise fan, which game would you like to see on the cinema screen first? Animated or live? A movie or a show? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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