YouTube Is To Bring TikTok-Style Shorts to Smart TVs and Introduce Mosaic Mode on YouTube TV

  • Ava Thompson
  • 03 Sep 2022

In yet another attempt to beat TikTok in the race for user attention, YouTube developers are bringing YouTube Shorts to smart TVs. Popular TikTok-style short-form vertical videos will be optimized for viewing on large screens. Another fascinating new feature the company is assumingly working on is Mosaic Mode for YouTube TV. When implemented, it should enable platform users to watch up to four live feeds simultaneously by dividing the screen into equally sized quadrants. Users are also expected to be given the opportunity to look through YouTube Music playlists and albums and add those directly to their library from the smart TV screen.

All this exciting news is said to have been shared by the company at a July 2022 internal partner meeting with hardware manufacturers. At this event, YouTube presented a report outlining a slew of updates and improvements it is planning to introduce shortly. The report also suggests that the developers of the YouTube Shorts interface may choose to get rid of the scroll bar currently used to scroll through YouTube videos, as well as provide viewers with quick access to like and dislike buttons.

The company likely believes that such interface changes will help YouTube get the upper hand over TikTok, which is penetrating the smart TV market at a neck-breaking speed. At that, Google-owned YouTube already has one significant advantage over the Chinese video-sharing app: YouTube comes pre-installed by default on many smart TVs, whereas TikTok fans have to set up the app manually.

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