YouTube Mobile App Gets “Pre-Publish Checks” Feature

  • Ethan Smith
  • 04 May 2022

What if the video you have prepared for YouTube cannot be monetized properly, because of unintended copyright violation or other issues? On desktops, creators can already enjoy Pre-Publish Check that finds potential issues, so you can fix them before making your video public. Now, this feature comes to mobile devices as well.

Imagine yourself walking down the street and recording a video for your blog. Suddenly, a car passes by with music playing loudly out of its speakers, and a piece of copyrighted content breaks in. For you, it can ruin the monetization of your video. It’s especially frustrating if you didn’t even notice it while recording. Pre-Publish check will let you rerecord the fragment and avoid potential problems. But it would take a desktop, and thus time.

The video will be automatically check for potential content that prevents various use of it. Among checkpoints, there are possible monetization issues, ad suitability, video elements (collages need to be checked carefully), other checks, and (finally) visibility. The final step checks whether your video is acceptable on YouTube given its content and whether its visibility may be restricted.

With Pre-Publish Check on mobiles, life of a YouTuber becomes easier. Not that it will eliminate any claims made manually after the publishing. But they will become much less probably after YouTube automatically detects potential pieces of protected content, so you will be able to remove them in advance.

Soon this feature will appear on more mobile devices, as the app is gradually getting updated. If you are a video creator, do you already use it? Have you ever found this check useful? Was it easy for you to remove potential issues and recheck the video? We’d like you to share the details of your experience in the comments!


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