Zoom Gives Its Contact Center 70+ New Features, But It Is Still Not Perfect Experts Say

  • Ethan Smith
  • 04 Sep 2022

The summer of 2022 appeared to be a particularly productive season for Zoom Contact Center. There were over 70 new video, reporting, and performance optimization features added to the company’s CCaaS platform, all of which aimed at helping supervisors obtain a better picture of the key metrics and providing agents with enhanced tools to assist customers.

The best ones, such as new virtual waiting room elements, file sharing functionality, and chat conversation escalation capabilities, arrived in June. In July, the popular cloud-based video conferencing service added the second patch of good stuff that included an omnichannel overview tab, internal calls between Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center, improved callback functionality, and real-time analytics dashboard enhancements. The August update brought a few more fascinating additions, which enriched the platform’s contact center with tools like third-party chatbot integrations, expanded routing capabilities, and streamlined management features.

Seeking to keep up with the competition, Zoom launched its Contact Center in February 2022, but the original product was raw and lacked many essential features. For example, it only had SMS messaging and web chat reserved for beta users. The company believes that the latest summer enhancements should enable Zoom Contact Center to gain traction and deliver a much more streamlined experience to customers; however, at this time, they refuse to disclose any additional information regarding the progress. Experts say there is still much to do in the workflow automation and AI call routing departments, as they do not measure up to the standards set by Zoom’s rivals.

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