Brawl Stars review

Brawl Stars

Published & copyrighted by Supercell

Brawl Stars is an online multiplayer game released by Supercell. In this game, players are divided into two teams of three players. There are five game modes: Smash & Grab, Heist, Bounty, Showdown, and Boss Fight. The three main goals are to destroy the opposing team's base, or to earn enough points by collecting crystals from the map to earn enough points.


Players choose from a range of characters with different strengths and weaknesses. The game is played in rounds of three minutes, or until the player's team has been destroyed. Players should be careful not to go too far from the team's base or an enemy player may destroy it, resulting in a loss.


The game has a colorful design with a cartoonish look. It features bright, warm colors which are reminiscent of an upbeat, lighthearted game.


The game has a large range of game modes, strikes, and maps. It also has a system in which you can collect cards of different characters.

Conclusion of this review

Brawl Stars is an entertaining and free to play game. It is available on both iOS and Android devices. The game is fun and easy to learn, and offers many different game modes. The main downside of this game is that there is a chance of getting matched with a player who has a different language.

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