Dragon City - Collect, Evolve & Build your Island review

Dragon City - Collect, Evolve & Build your Island

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Dragon City Mobile is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets. It is a simulation game where the player is a dragon master, and the goal is to create a sustainable city of dragons. Dragon City Mobile is a mobile version of the Facebook game of the same name. 


The player starts by selecting a dragon to be their first dragon in their dragon city. The player then chooses to upgrade the dragon or train it. After selecting the desired action, the player is prompted to tap on the screen in order to progress. The player can also feed their dragon by tapping on the food icon.

The game has three different resources: food, coins, and gems. Gems are a premium currency that can be obtained by paying real money. They are used to buy special dragons, decorations, and to speed up the process of leveling up dragons.

Dragon City Mobile has the same gameplay as the original game, with some minor modifications. The player starts out with a small habitat, with a few basic dragons and some food. The player can build his/her own habitat, or purchase one of the habitats available in the game. The habitat can be modified with decorations and with various building upgrades. The player can also train dragons, feed and care for them, and upgrade their habitats and their dragons. The player can visit and play with friends, and gift items.


The graphics are cartoon-like and bright. The armors and shields are all detailed and offer a variety of colors.

Information about replayability

There is no limit to how much you can play Dragon City Mobile. It is a game that you can play for hours on end, since all it requires is tapping on the screen. The game is free-to-play, so players can play as much as they want. There are not many ads, and the game is not too difficult to complete. The game also features in-app purchases, which are not necessary to complete the game.


  • The game is free-to-play
  • The game is not too difficult to complete
  • Dragons are animated nicely
  • There are a variety of habitats, decorations, and buildings
  • Players can visit and play with friends
  • Players can gift items
  • Players can customize their gameplay


  • There are not many ads, but there are in-app purchases
  • There are not many dragons available for purchase
  • The game is not always very responsive and can be slow
  • The game does not always provide the player with enough information about what he or she needs to do in order to progress
  • There are no quests or achievements
  • The app is not available for iPads


The game is a well-designed, colorful, and fun game for mobile devices. It is free-to-play, and features in-app purchases. It does not feature many ads, but does not provide enough information about what the player needs to do in order to progress. The game is not very responsive and can be slow. It is not available for iPads.

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