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Dread Hunger

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Dread Hunger is an independently-developed, first-person action, social deduction game for the PC. It casts you as a human survivor in a world where the undead have overrun civilization. You must use whatever means necessary to survive, including crafting weapons and armor and scavenging for supplies.

The goal of the game is to work with the other players to find items and figure out puzzles in order to escape the ship. If the players are all good guys, they all win when the ship is escaped. If one or more of the players are bad guys, they win when the ship sinks.


Dread Hunger is a social deception game that has a lot of different aspects but all of them are related to social deception, whether that is as the good guy trying to find out who the bad guy is, or being the bad guy trying to get the good guys to kill each other. The game is a multiplayer game, with up to six players. 

The game can be played online with other people, but you can also play it on your own. The game is really challenging and it will take time to get used to the gameplay. The game is not just about betraying your friends and stabbing them in the back, but also about the social interactions and the interactions between the crew.


The graphics in Dread Hunger are excellent. The world is dark and dreary, and the beasts are appropriately grotesque. The attention to detail is impressive, and the game is overall very well-made.

The environment is convincing and detailed, from the icy waters of the Arctic to the bleak, snow-covered landscapes. The characters are well-drawn and realistic, and the various weapons and tools are intricately detailed. The game is atmospheric and suspenseful, and the graphics play a large role in creating that feeling.


The controls are simple and easy to learn. Movement is handled with the WASD keys, while the mouse is used to aim and fire your weapon. This makes for a fast and fluid experience and makes it easy to stay alive in the face of overwhelming odds.

The controls are easy to learn and are very similar to other first-person games. The game is played with a mouse and keyboard. The mouse is used to control the character's movement, and the keyboard is used to control the character's actions. The controls are good and responsive.


Dread Hunger is a game that can be played in a lot of different ways, depending on the role you are playing. The game can be played over and over again. The game is best played with friends, and the replay value is high.


Dread Hunger is an excellent game that blends several genres to create a unique and immersive experience. The graphics are excellent, the gameplay is well-done, and the controls are easy to learn. The game is best played with friends, and the replay value is high. 

The game is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good game to play. If you're looking for a more adult psychological game for the company than Among Us, be sure to try Dread Hunger.

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