Dress up! Time Princess review

Dress up! Time Princess

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The Time Princess game is a side-scrolling, arcade game with a time-bending mechanic, where the player must explore the Land of Time and its dungeons to rescue Princess Amena. The game is designed with simple game mechanics and a game world, that will appeal to the younger audience.


The game features 2D graphics that are quite simple, with the characters mainly consisting of geometric shapes, but the color palette is bright and vibrant.


The game has two modes: Story Mode and Endless Mode. The story mode consists of different levels that the player must explore to find Amena and rescue her. The endless mode consists of a series of different levels with increasing difficulty. The player has to clear the level by defeating monsters, collecting keys and beating the boss at the end of the level to proceed.

Lasting Appeal

The game is designed for children, so it is quite simple and easy, so children can enjoy it over and over again.


The game is controlled using a keyboard and a mouse. The player can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the character and the mouse to shoot.


The Time Princess is a simple and easy game designed for children and it can be enjoyed by children and adults. The game has simple and colorful graphics and simple and fun gameplay and it is a good game for the younger audience.

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