Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V

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  • Does the GTA V PS version exist?
    Yes, the game was released back in 2014 for PS3. In 2015, it was re-edited for PS4. It is expected to be released on PS5 in November 2021. You can download the game from the PlayStation Store.
  • Can I get GTA V for Windows?
    The game is also available on Windows, and you can download it from the Steam Store. You can also visit the official store of Rock Star Games and find the links there. To avoid unnecessary hassle, use this page and press “Get Game.” It will direct you to the specific page of GTA V on the store of your platform. Besides, you can get the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.
  • Do you offer GTA V download here?
    No, we don’t provide such services as we don’t sell games on this website. There is a vast catalog that contains all your favorite games and reviews. However, we have collected the links to trustable stores here.
  • Is GTA V free of charge?
    The price varies for different platforms. Premium Edition on PS costs $14.99, and the price on Windows is $14.80. Premium Edition plus Great White Shark Card Bundle costs $44.99 for PS and $27.60 for Windows. Whale Shark is $59.99 for PS and $37.80 for Windows. Premium Edition for Xbox costs $29.99.
  • What are the requirements for a full GTA V game?
    To download the game, you should find out whether your device is compatible with the game. It needs Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, or Windows 7 64 Bit for PC. It requires 72 GB of space on your computer. You need 4 GB RAM.
  • Is GTA V an online game?
    You can play it both online and offline, depending on your intentions. If you want to enjoy it with your friends, you can play online. If you want to confront a computer, you don’t need to be online.
  • Is GTA V unblocked for everyone?
    No, there is censorship in the game. You can’t download it if you are less than 18. The game contains strong language and violence.
  • Does the GTA V demo exist?
    Unfortunately, there is no demo version of the game. However, you can read the review here to understand the game better. You can also watch players on their YouTube channels that record themselves playing GTA V.
  • Do I need to pick GTA V to buy shark cash cards?
    It is not necessary. However, it might significantly ease your life in the game. You can pick the cards that you need in the store.
  • Is there a GTA V torrent available?
    Although there are torrents with the game, we don’t recommend them. They might contain malware. There is no need to risk the safety of your device when you can use official links.