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Homescapes is an amazing game that is now being vastly played by people around the world. This game is a sequel to the game called Gardenscapes, and is set as a puzzle game.

Homescapes is a game about a new home that you get to design. You are a housekeeper and have to clear each room of trash and clutter. You can earn stars to buy upgrades for your home, like a snow machine for Christmas or a new pet for your family. 

Different objects require different amounts of stars to buy them. You can also buy tools in the store, like a ladder or a vacuum cleaner, and use them to help clear items out of each room. Sometimes you have to combine the tools to get the job done. Other times, you can only clear out a room if you find the hidden object. It's a fun game for people of all ages and anyone who likes to design things.


Homescapes is a free mobile game that will put your skills of decorating and matching items to the test. The goal of the game is to help Austin, who is the main character of the game, clean up his house by renovating and matching items to other objects. 

To do this, you must find an item that matches one of the items in a room and move it to the room that it matches. You can also clean up the yard by planting flowers and trees. The coins can be earned by completing quests and playing the mini-games that the game provides. 

In one of the quests, you can serve as a personal assistant to Austin in the office. You can also explore the house and help Austin decorate it. 

You can play with a friend and help each other clean up the house and yard. I recommend playing this game if you enjoy matching objects and exploring new things.


The game is known to have over 700 levels, and the player has to match three or more tiles to get to the next level. The player has to match the tiles of the same color, and the more tiles you match at the same time the more points you get.

There are many levels, and they are divided into three different types. The first type is the normal type, the second one is the timed type, and the third is the limited moves type. The game is simple but still very fun to play. It is also free. 


In Homescapes, the player must place furniture in the house and clean up the various messes that are made to increase the value of the house. Players need to strategically place the different pieces of furniture to make the house look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The graphics in the game are eye-catching, and they are what make the game so much fun to play. The graphics are colorful, and they are always well done.

The Bottom Line

Homescapes is a match-3 game for Android and iOS devices. It is a highly addictive game, and your task is to restore the houses with the help of Austin, the butler. The graphics are simple, but it is still very well designed and clear.


  • The game is very easy to play
  • It is free
  • It can be played offline
  • It is a good time-passer
  • Tha game has cute graphics


  • In-app purchases are required to win
  • There is an energy system that limits gameplay
  • Daily challenges are not challenging


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