Standoff 2 review

Standoff 2

Published & copyrighted by Axlebolt

Standoff 2 is a tactical FPS shooter that has been developed by the Axlebolt. It is a sequel to the original Standoff game and it has some great new features. The game is available for Android and iOS.


The game is a tactical shooter that is played in first person. The gameplay is mainly focused on stealth, with the player having to avoid enemy detection while trying to reach to an objective.

In-game, you can pick from a range of different weapons, including machine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Also, you can also pick from a range of different maps, including a forest map, a mansion map, and a snowy mountain map.

There are four maps that are included in this game. These maps are Dead Zone, Forest, Mountain, and Desert. Standoff 2 has four game-modes that are co-op, deathmatch, team deathmatch, and a scavenger hunt. There are also three different game-modes for single-player. These modes are single-player timed, single-player untimed, and single-player team deathmatch.


The graphics of the game are the strongest aspect. Standoff 2 looks like a real-life standoff, and the way it is set up is realistic. The graphics are very detailed and the color scheme is very realistic. It offers a great experience, with player being able to see each blade of grass on the ground.


Standoff 2 is played in the first person, with player being able to use a mouse or a controller to control the character. Controls are very responsive, with the player being able to move the character with ease.


The game is very replayable, with the player having the option to play it in a different way each time. It is also very enjoyable, with the ability to play in different modes.


Standoff 2 is a tactical shooter developed by Axlebolt. The game is an expansion of Standoff 1. It features great replayability, allowing the player to play it in a new way with every new playthrough. The graphics are very appealing to the eye, with the textures being very well done. Standoff 2 is very enjoyable, with the player being able to play in different modes.

Overall, Standoff 2 is quite an interesting product. I think it is a good and interesting first-person shooter videogame If you are interested in games of this genre then you can try to play it on your mobile device.

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