Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes review

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

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Galaxy of Heroes is a free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android devices developed by Capital Games, the same developers behind the highly successful Star Wars: Commander game for mobile devices. The game puts players in the boots of a fledgling Jedi Knight or Sith Lord, and it quickly becomes obvious that the game is very much a mobile game, with a focus on the casual gamer. The game is based on the popular Star Wars films, but instead of taking place in the films, the game takes place in the world of “Legends”, which is the official Star Wars story for the years between the films.


The graphics are nothing short of amazing, with crisp lines and well-defined characters. The game is well-designed, with animations that are well-done and easy to follow. The characters are also well-designed, with appropriate costumes and animation. The game has a cartoonish feel to it, with bright colors and vibrant heroes.


The gameplay is fairly well-executed, with a nice variety of missions and difficulties to offer. Each mission has a unique objective, and many of them require innovative strategies to complete. The game is also fairly difficult, with battles that feel like they have a good balance of challenge and success. The game is turn-based. Each player has a team of three characters, but only one of those characters can be controlled at a time.

Lasting Appeal

The replayability is fairly high, as the game offers a lot of freedom and freedom to explore. There are plenty of missions, and the difficulty level means that the game is always a challenge. The game also offers a great variety of characters, and the game is constantly updating with new characters and challenges. The game is also free, and is a great way to explore the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes world.


Controls are a bit of a sore point with Galaxy of Heroes. The controls are finicky, and the mobile format makes it a little harder to play. The controls are also a bit more complicated than they need to be, with different controls for the various screens of the game.


In conclusion, Galaxy of Heroes is a great casual game for those who love the Star Wars universe. The graphics are crisp and colorful, with a cartoonish feel. The gameplay offers a lot of variety, and the difficulty level is perfect for a casual gamer. The multiplayer is a great addition, with a chat function that is a little cryptic. The replayability is high, with plenty of variety and a constant stream of updates.

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