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Teardown is a game in which the player controls a demolition company who is hired to bring down buildings, raze structures, and demolish anything that can be destroyed. The player can use the tools, such as explosives, sledgehammers, and drills, to destroy structures and do the task they are given. The main goal is to bring down the building in the quickest possible time. Teardown is a game in which the player assumes the role of the owner of Löckelle Teardown Services, a company that is in severe debt and must take on dubious jobs for financing. The player can freely navigate the game's five open-world levels, which are made entirely of destructible voxels. There are 20 levels in the first part of the game with various objectives, some of which are required and others optional.


The player can freely roam around the game's five open-world levels, which are made of destructible voxels. The player is given one or more objectives, some of which are required and others optional, such as destroying or stealing certain objects, or razing a building. The player can also use vehicles such as trucks, cranes, excavators, and boats to bring down buildings. The ultimate aim in Teardown is to destroy any structure as quickly as possible. As the player progresses in the game, they are given more tools, which can be upgraded and used to more efficiently complete the objectives. There are no time limits in the initial stages of the game, but once an alarm is triggered by stealing the first item or starting a fire, a 60-second timer begins. If the player fails to complete all objectives in this timeframe, the game is lost.


The game's graphics are simple but still pleasing to the eye and the levels are large. The game's replayability is not as good as other sandbox games, as it is just one big level. Teardown's graphics are 3D.

Information about replayability

At the time of writing, the game has received a rating of 80% on the Steam store, which is considered "generally favorable."


  • Simple, yet appealing graphics
  • Big levels


  • The game has no replayability
  • The levels are not that big


Teardown is an interesting, family-friendly game, which is relatively cheap and short. It is not as realistic as players might like, but it is quite unique and quite different. The graphics are not as good, but the gameplay is quite good.

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