The Witcher: Monster Slayer review


  • Is augmented reality, so you don't have to worry about a screen and you can explore the real world around you
  • Is interesting, immersive, and challenging
  • Offers new monsters to explore and fight with every quest
  • Offers immersive graphics that will keep you immersed in the dark fantasy world of the Witcher
  • Lets you explore a variety of quests and adventures
  • Is a deep game with a lot to explore and do
  • Offers a lot of replayability because you can explore every corner of the game


  • Is a lot of walking and exploring, so it can be tiresome to play a game that's not giving you a lot of action
  • Is more of an exploration game than an RPG, so if you were looking for more of an RPG, you might be disappointed. Only gives you a small portion of most monsters to explore, so you have to walk a lot to find them all. Is a game created for augmented reality, so if you don't have a phone or tablet with this feature, you won't be able to play it
  • Is a game with a lot of walking, which can be tiresome after a while