Valor Legends: Eternity review

Valor Legends: Eternity

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Valor Legends: Eternity is an idle RPG game with gacha elements. Idle implies that your warriors scavenge for loot and XP on their own. This excludes hours of mortifying grinding that can leave you breathless by the end of the session.

With a number of game modes and a colossal roster of flamboyant characters — 42 in total — you will have lots of fun while exploring this bizarre realm, massively intoxicated with magic and loot boxes.


Valor Legends does a good job of luring you in. In the early stages, you can effortlessly summon a high-tier hero, level him up, and snatch some kick-ass loot.

But, as you know, only the first dose always comes free. Later, you’ll deal with a rather chaotic summoning system, which will let you hoard the middle-tier characters at best.

Heroes and heroines are divided into the classes:

  • Tank,
  • Mage  
  • Healer, 
  • Assassin,
  • Ranged DPS.

Plus, each one of those belongs to a certain faction: Legion, Forest, Undead, Light, and Shadow. 

The cool trick is to assemble heroes who belong to the same faction and keep them as a tight fist: it will allow your party to receive additional perks from the Aura effect. Among them are boosted health or extra attack points.

The key to success in Valor Legends is clever positioning. When you enter a battle — be it a PvP online or a part of a quest — you’ll need to align them on a 4x4 grid. 

It opens a rich leeway for creativity, as you can experiment with repositioning your long-range, support, tank, and so on to literally annihilate the enemy team. Even if it’s a little stronger than yours.

As an RPG, it offers multiple modes. For instance, in the Dungeon mode, you’re invited to explore wild and dangerous places tile by tile. Usual rewards are lots of XP and bonus loot to make your party stronger.


VL has that classic gacha aesthetic with bubble-head characters and cartoonish 3D decorations. They are nice and flashy, like Disney attractions. 

But extreme casualty of the game takes life away from it. And even when you battle the Shadow Force minions, you don’t feel a dramatic clash between Light and Darkness — more like a Scooby-Doo adventure in a fantasy world.

Lasting Appeal

There are guild wars, seasonal events, live arenas where you’ll face other real players, Endless mode to help you boost some of the gear you have for free, and more. Which is actually captivating. 

A cool nuance is that you can “roll back” any hero that you have and redeem the resources spent on him. But these resources will come your way just a bit more often than a blue moon.  


The game is fairly easy to control as it’s automated a lot. Mainly, you will do the strategic part by aligning your party members and boosting their stats. The rest is taken care of.

The Verdict

Valor Legends: Eternity is a fun game, especially if you dislike backbreaking grinding. At the same time, it’s riddled with IAPs, and almost for every decent hero or piece of weaponry, you’ll have to cough up real money.

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